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Exile On Mainstream records to release SOAC third album Push

We are proud to announce that we have signed to Exile On Mainstream records to release our third album Push. 

This album marks our first collaboration with musicians from two of the biggest and most respected bands in the Sacramento music community; Jonah Matranga (Far, Gratitude) provides vocals for the whole album and Mitch Wheeler (Will Haven) shares drums with original member Stevie B.

This is most certainly our darker and heavier side - we grew up on 90s alternative rock and to harness our vision with the purveyors of the Sacramento post hardcore sound will make this a true landmark release for the band. 

Exile On Mainstream will proudly release Push on 27 August. 

More details soon… Push the Weight. 


Jonah Matranga – vocals
Marlon King – guitars
Nick Hannon – bass
Mitch Wheeler – drums
Stevie B – drums
Blake – effects