Sons of Alpha Centauri History

A continuous timeline of music creation over two decades


SOAC commence mixing down of the next collaboration series with friends from the Palm Desert and pre-production of both the follow up to Push with Jonah and commence their eagerly awaited return to their desert instrumental rock roots with the enrolment of new legends to support the forthcoming series that will be pivotal to the identity and journey of the band.


We re-released our two track demo from 2004 on limited 7". Signing with Ripple Music we deliver the next chapter in the Yawning Sons saga entitled 'Sky Island' receiving acclaim from the press. A critical milestone is the release of our third album 'Push' featuring Jonah Matranga Far on vocals and Mitch Wheeler from Will Haven on drums. The album is a landmark release for SOAC and the journey.


We embark on creating and finalising an ambitious series of new studio projects working with our friends and collaborators across the world with the ambition to release a series of new records in 2021 covering the full spectrum of genres we associate ourselves with. The new Yawning Sons was announced at the end of 2021 setting up one of the ambitious years for the band ahead.


The collaboration album with Justin Broadrick and James Plotkin 'Buried Memories' is released on H42 Records and Robotic Empire. The album is the second part of Continuum expanding the universe around the darker and heavier side of the band. Continuum / Buried Memories boxsets are released both on CD and cassette (Solid 7). Highly limited versions of the vinyl version contain ambient material on a 3" CD including a remix of 34 from Stephen Hoper (Zombie Diaries).


Yawning Sons contribute to the DesertFest 2018: Legends of the Desert 12" split with Fatso Jetson. Our second album 'Continuum' is released – it comprises the darker side of expressions we exhibited on the debut in 2007. The album was delivered with Aaron Harris from ISIS / Palms who produced and mixed the record. Videos for 'Io' and 'Solar Storm' are released. The album is released on 1 June and receives near critical acclaim.


As a band we begin 'Phase II' bringing everyone together to begin writing and delivery of our second generation albums starting with multiple sessions at Anchor Baby Studios. H42 Records release the definitive Karma to Burn / SOAC trilogy boxset on vinyl which sell outs in hours.


The band perform in London with Yawning Man and fellow Yawning Son 'Mario Lalli' joins the band on stage for a collaborative performance. Extensive recording and production of tracks toward the second album is undertaken and the band commence their filmography debut.

Sons of Alpha Centauri - Live at Sub 89, Reading 31st August 2012


SOAC surpass over 100 tracks written as the second album recording commences. The trilogy of split singles with Karma to Burn concludes and the third split is released from H42 Records and is the debut DesertFest 7" single. The 2010 split is repressed as part of a five year anniversary.


H42 Records release the second SOAC split single with Karma to Burn and perform with them in London at the launch party. Several special and limited editions are released. The band oversee the release of Ceremony to the Sunset on vinyl through Alone Records providing an original outtake and exclusive new artwork.


Yawning Sons make the live performance debut with Yawning Man and Fatso Jetson as the 'Godfathers of the Desert' at DesertFest in London. SOAC begin intense writing and recording sessions for the second album.


SOAC open mainstage at DesertFest in London and perform with Karma to Burn in Reading. The SOAC 12" on 'Bro Fidelity Records' is released featuring an outtake track from the debut album recording sessions. SOAC begin pre-production of the second album.


The Yawning Sons 7" is mastered at 'Abbey Road Studios' in London and released through 'SpaceAge & CheeseCake Records'. The band perform the first album in its entirety and numerous shows in London including a support show with 'Acid King' with full Iive visuals.


The band begin the five vinyl release project starting with a 7" clear vinyl split with Karma to Burn. SOAC undertake numerous shows in London including support slots with Brant Bjork & Karma to Burn and unveil their background accompanying live visuals in a dual headline performance with A Storm of Light.


'LAST DAY OF SUMMER' the collaboration album between SOAC and Treasure Cat (feat. Will Mecum) is released on 'Underdogma Records'. 'CEREMONY TO THE SUNSET' is released on 'Lexicon Devil Records'. The band support 'Karma to Burn' at the Camden Underworld and begin London performances.


Gary Arce from Yawning Man records with SOAC and they form the side project 'YAWNING SONS'. Mario Lalli, Scott Reeder and Wendy Rae Fowler contribute vocals to the debut album 'CEREMONY TO THE SUNSET'.


'SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI' is released on 'Sound Devastation Records'. Will Mecum from 'Karma to Burn' records with SOAC beginning a major ongoing collaboration between the two artists.

Sons of Alpha Centauri - Landscape Nine


The band commence live shows around the Kent area including several residencies at their preferred venues. The debut SOAC album is mastered by James Plotkin and the band sign to 'Sound Devastation Records'.


SOAC begin recording tracks for the debut album. A significant artistic venture commences with Seldon Hunt to design the Sun logos, galaxy chronology series, debut album cover and several t-shirt designs.


Stevie B & Blake join the band on drums and synthesisers respectively to complete the line up. The band self record a 2 track demo seeing a limited release of 13 copies distributed to friends and family. The band undertake their first live performance which is accompanied with a light & laser show. is launched.


Further tracks are written by the duo to a total of 25. Tracks are completed encompassing a different range of styles, influences and inspiration. Initial photography and concept ideas are levied with band logo and symbol.


12-13 tracks are written throughout the year. Various recordings and demos are created to help curate the direction of the band.


The band is formed by Marlon King and Nick Hannon on July 27, 2001 in Faversham, Kent, UK.