Sky Island

Preview Track No. Title
1 Adrenaline Rush
2 Low in the Valley
3 Cigarette Footsteps
4 Passport Beyond the Tides
5 Shadows and Echoes
6 Digital Spirit
7 Gravity Underwater
8 Limitless Artefact

Yawning Sons is:

Gary Arce — guitars
Marlon King — guitars/vocals
Nick Hannon — bass
Stevie B — drums
Kyle Hanson — drums
Blake — effects

On Sky Island, the vocalists are:

Marlon King — Adrenaline Rush
Dandy Brown — Low in the Valley and Gravity Underwater
Mario Lalli — Cigarette Footsteps
Wendy Rae Fowler — Shadows and Echoes
Scott Reeder — Digital Spirit

Produced & mixed by Marlon King
Mastered by John McBain


"The rich, desert soaked sun, the heat, the sand, the seeming peace and emptiness of the barren landscape covered by a blanket of clear blue skies, soaks through the voice on Sky Island…"
"A worthy successor"

The Sleeping Shaman

"Sky Island is a must-listen for fans of Yawning Man and those who love soul-liberating, free-spirited Psychedelic music. This album exudes warmth and much-needed sunshine in these dark times." - 8/10
Monster Riff

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