"Fine musicianship, flowing, engaging structures and truely monstrous riffs" - Kerrang!


SOAC - Music

The band released their debut album in 2007 and followed up with several exclusive singles. Find out more about the music and releases here.

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Sons of Alpha Centauri are always working on new musical ventures along side their shows. You can find out all the latest information here.

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SOAC - Marlon King (guitar) and Nick Hanon (bass)

Find out the latest dates of live performances, concerts and festivals.

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Yawning Sons

Yawning Sons

Sons of Alpha Centauri are one half of Yawning Sons, a collaboration with desert legends "Yawning Man". Find out more about Yawning Sons here.

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Latest News

Monday August 19, 2019

Bury your Memories. Sons of Alpha Centauri are back to release Buried Memories, a collaborative post-metal colossus and the second part of the journey that started with our last album Continuum (2018).

After entering the Continuum the listener must now bury their memories. The darkness will envelope the listeners in this second part of our dark rock saga.

The album will be released through H42 Records (Worldwide), Robotic Empire (United States, Canada & Digital) and RobustFellow (East Europe / Russia) in October 2019.

Limited editions, pre-order details and exclusive details of the collaborations will be made available through this website.

"SOAC is not for the weak, the powerless and the impatient. One needs to listen to this conceptual work carefully."
Andrei Turusinov, Russia

"Sons of Alpha Centauri have more than clearly defined their own characteristic sound and musicology. 10/10"
Heathen Harvest Magazine, USA